Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 8...96 days to go

Saturday Morgan and I ran 14 longest run ever! I felt great...tired, of course, but great considering. We braved the rolling hills of Route 36 in Clarion County for 2 hours and 18 minutes. It wasn't too cold during the first half, but on the way back we were running into the wind. We only made it about 3.5 miles before we had to stop and pee in a ditch that was hidden from the road! We sucked on cream savers, drank about every half hour, and stopped to split a granola bar half way. We caught up on each other's lives, played the "what- if" game, and sometimes just ran in silence for a few minutes. This is our friendship...we run together. I am #26 on her speed-dial to represent the 26.2 miles of the marathon. It is an intimacy that I don't really have with anyone else in my life, and one that others don't seem to understand. I cherish it. I look forward to having her by my side on May 3rd.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So, I'm in week six now...and feeling much more confident, clocking a total of 143 miles so far. The idea of running for long periods of time is not such a foreign idea. I have done my second 12 mile run and it felt a whole lot easier than the first. It helped to run with my Ipod, especially because for 10 of those 12 miles I was literally running around a mile-long circle due to the 10 inches of snow we got the day before making it impossible to run on the roads. Praise God for music. I even get to buy some new music with my Itunes gift card (an early birthday gift from Josh).
I have officially registered for the race. I began to panic while reading an article in Runner's World magazine that began by saying something about "that perfect race you have been training for filling up." Luckily, it wasn't full and I got in. I've heard lots of buzz about the Pittsburgh Marathon and know a few people who are running the marathon relay and the half-marathon that same day. It's all very exciting. Check out the website Maybe you'll get inspired to run!
38 days of training down...108 more to go. Oh, and only 73 days to go 'til the Cook Forest 1/2 Marathon.

Monday, January 5, 2009

117 days to go
I got some cool running gear over Christmas-socks to prevent blisters, a running belt, a foam roller, a new sports bra, etc. I wish I could share some pictures, but my camera is unfortunately not working. I was also able to exchange my running shoes via mail to get a smaller pair. The owner of Up-N-Running is awesome. I highly recommend the store.
I got to run in all kinds of places over the holidays. I did 10 miles at Boyce Park in Pittsburgh. I even got to run around the Creation Museum in Kentucky when we were visiting Jess and Cyd. It was very cool to run in some new areas.
Yesterday I put in 12 miles. After my run in Boyce Park I learned that when running over an hour I need to eat something after about 45 minutes. I totally ran out of energy during that run. I didn't run out of energy yesterday, but it was pretty painful. My knees are very sore, even today too, but it feels better to get up and move around. When I stopped at home yesterday after 6 miles to eat a gronola bar, Josh told me to stay focused. It's amazing how much someone's words can encourage you. I repeated that phrase the rest of my six miles when I wanted to quit.
There are definitely times when I doubt whether I can finish this training. But, I am just taking it one run at a time, while remembering this is only 4 months of my life. I am already into my 5th week of training. That's crazy. My goal now is to get some music on my Ipod!