Thursday, March 17, 2011


I started this blog a couple of years ago for the purpose of sharing my experience training for a marathon. Mostly it was to hold myself accountable. Knowing people were reading, expecting me to complete the race made it difficult to quit. So I blogged, I completed the marathon and that was it. I never really thought I would visit my blog again, aside from reading old posts about my training when I felt like reliving the experience. I am.
Why am I resurrecting my blog? Good question. I generally tend to shy away from making public announcements regarding my life to mass amounts of people. I don't even like to post a status on facebook! Something about being on display makes me feel quite insecure. At the same time I have a passion for connecting with people. And get me in a one-on-one environment and I will gladly share my heart. As well, I thoroughly enjoy reading other's blogs. I like to hear about their thoughts and experiences; share in their joys and burdens (wow, that sounds cliché!).
So, here I am. Back to add new life to my old blog.
Feels good:)